Thursday, 8 November 2012

art is a way

Welcome to my brand new blog! I plan to use this blog to post about my daily artwork & my side of life related to art & craft, and other fun things I did since I have resigned from my day job, and plan to open my own shop!


Aaand yes, I have decided to write in English, thus more people can read, and I 'll be able to improve my story-telling ability in this language (actually this is my main purpose :P)  Ok, maybe sometime I’ll write in Bahasa Indonesia if my beloved editor is pretending to be too busy to deal with this wishy washy business :P

sooo,, This is it!
My,, let's just say, art journal?
Hope you enjoy!
And thank you for stopping by :)

This is a link to a video on vimeo I've just found from one of my favorite artist: Elsa Mora :) art is a way

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